Rediscover The Human Connection        


"Patrick is what happens when keynotes, comedy, and concerts...collide"


"two minutes in and I’m already cracking up"



"too funny for a bathroom break"


"entertaining, inspirational, thought provoking"




Organizations and companies are realizing if they can't create an emotional connection with their customers, clients and employees...they'll lose them. Business humorist and songwriter, Patrick Henry, works with companies and associations who want to elevate their customer experience and build loyalty.

We find ourselves in a crisis of self obsession where people are so involved with talking about themselves that we've lost the ability to listen to each other. We’ve built invisible walls and are left to wonder why it’s become difficult to get people to engage. “Tell me about you” and the Friendship21 project is about deconstructing walls and reconnecting with people on a human level. It's not only about being the hero of our own story but taking the time to listen to other people's story. When we have meaningful conversations with people about what is important to them, we sell more, become better leaders, create engagement and increase productivity.

The "Tell Me About You" keynote presentation will reveal four mindsets to building an emotional connection with customers, coworkers and community. As a former Nashville songwriter and featured performer on the SiriusXM Radio Family Comedy Channels, Patrick believes that learning and inspiration go hand in glove with laughter. When meeting professionals hire Patrick, they gain a partner who works to create a keynote experience where people are engaged, inspired, and entertained. One of Patrick’s audience members best described him as what happens when keynotes, comedy, and concerts…collide.

 This program is ideal as opening or closing keynote presentation.



THE FRIENDSHIP 21 PROJECT is an initiative to encourage people to step out of their safe spaces, tear down walls and find common ground with others. This starts with the commitment to meet 21 new people in 21 days. This transformational experience will create a mindset shift how we interact with others.



This program also maintains a unique blend of humor, story and song,  and focuses on internal customers. This is perfect for HR professionals, education, government, or related industries.


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